Finance your acquisition up to € 1.000.000 with Knab Crowdfunding

29 January 2021

As an entrepreneur who is planning to do an acquisition, you often need additional financing. The Dutch Professional Association of Merger & Acquisition Specialists (BOBB), of which the advisors of BenderBrandwijk & Partners B.V. are members, recently started a collaboration with Knab Crowdfunding. Knab Crowdfunding brings entrepreneurs together with Knab clients who like to participate in your funding.

  • Let your company grow with  125.000 potential investors
  • Knab always participates in the funding with 10% their selves
  • Receive a media package creating both online and offline publicity through social media, regional papers and online banners

Under normal conditions, it is difficult to directly take your financing requirements to ‘the crowd’. That is why Knab finances the acquisition  two months in advance. That is why  this form of crowdfunding unique. Within these two months, we take the bridge financing to the crowd, while we also set up a crowdfund campaign for optimal exposure. Knab – together with Collin Crowdfund – arranges this (bridge-) financing in combination with a regular Knab Crowdfund loan.

For questions or additional information about the possibilities of acquisition financing, you can contact the undersigned advisors of BenderBrandwijk & Partners B.V.

BenderBrandwijk present Masterclass Acquisitions

29 January 2021

On the 13th of April of this year, René Bender, Cees Brandwijk and Arie Neervoort presented a masterclass on the field of acquisitions. This masterclass took place at the Louwman museum in The Hague. Twenty-three entrepreneurs active in SME were present. All aspects of mergers and acquisitions were named and explained. Many entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with the field of acquisitions. Yet, BenderBrandwijk was pleased to sense that many entrepreneurs are keen on learning more.

The masterclass ended with drinks in the museum. A well-spend afternoon! At the end of September of this year, BenderBrandwijk will represent another masterclass. More information will follow soon.

BenderBrandwijk winner of the Flevum rally 2017

29 January 2021

This year BenderBrandwijk participated in the Flevum rally on April the 6th.  Flevum rally is a yearly event where exclusive cars and connecting with other entrepreneurs are the core activity of the day. The revenues of this day were devoted to “Stichting Jarige Job”. This foundation organizes birthday events for children whom can’t celebrate it due to their social background. Hence, the Flevum rally was not only an amusing day, but also a useful day!

The Flevum rally consists of 5 stages that are followed by deciphering a puzzle. After everyone had finished, an auction was held to raise money for “Stichting Jarige Job”. The day ended not without a great surprise, BenderBrandwijk received the first prize !