Peace and quiet, regardless of how hard the wind is blowing outside.

A focus on doing the right things in the midst of an avalanche of distractions.

Value growth when everything that is of value seems completely defenceless.

Owner-managers in the SME sector face increasing pressures. At BenderBrandwijk, we see the stresses to which entrepreneurs are exposed and apply ourselves to the task of creating breathing space, both mental and financial, and presenting an accurate overall picture of the business.

Business is competition at the highest level. Running a business requires good physical fitness, a sharp focus, good teamwork, making the right choices, but above all an ability to provide the right coaching and supervision.

A clear strategy gives the entrepreneur focus, increases the commitment of his employees and makes policy corrections easier. A constant and healthy rate of growth, a consistent increase in the (sales) value of the company and a manageable business are the things we strive to achieve.

Purchasing and selling companies requires careful and early planning; in other words, thorough preparation. It is a partnership between the entrepreneur and his business advisers. A collaborative relationship that is based on mutual respect and trust.


BenderBrandwijk sources staff for its interim management activities from a high-quality network in the executive search, recruitment and selection market. These resources also provide access to former entrepreneurs who have the skills and expertise required for standing in when an owner-manager takes a sabbatical.

BenderBrandwijk is a member of MKB Nederland, an organisation that represents the interests of SMEs in the Netherlands, and a participant in Stichting ONL voor Ondernemers, a foundation that represents the interests of Dutch entrepreneurs. In addition, various partners of BenderBrandwijk are personal members of the Beroepsorganisatie voor Specialisten in Bedrijfsoverdracht (BOBB), an association of professionals specialising in the transfer of business ownership, and registered in the Register van Adviseurs Bedrijfsopvolging (RAB), a register of succession planning consultants for businesses.

The Terms and Conditions of the Raad voor Interim Management (RIM) in Tilburg (Dutch council for interim management) apply to the services offered by BenderBrandwijk.


MKB Nederland ONL: Voor Ondernemers  Bobb RAB Register



René Bender

Founder and Managing Partner

René Bender is the founder of BENDER & PartnersAs the former owner-manager of several SME businesses, he has extensive experience in managing, positioning and transforming businesses. A high degree of involvement in all facets of SME business operations, familiarity with the associated operational responsibilities and personal experience of running a business ‘for your own account and at your own risk’ are recurrent themes in his career.

As an entrepreneur, he has managed a varied portfolio of businesses in different sectors during a period of several years, implemented reorganisations and brought company acquisitions and company relaunches to a successful conclusion.

René founded BenderBrandwijk after personally experiencing how effectively entrepreneurs could improve the future of their company and their personal future by taking a step back and making a number of difficult choices. He enjoys giving fellow entrepreneurs the benefit of his experience.

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Cees Brandwijk

Founder and Managing Partner

Cees Brandwijk has founded several companies and, in his capacity as owner-manager of those companies, has amassed a wealth of B2B and B2C experience. He has extensive experience in managing and positioning companies. Cees is thoroughly familiar of all aspects of SME operations, is a creative thinker and is known for his solution-focused approach.

During his extensive career as an entrepreneur, he has successfully transformed his vision into concrete results, both as a buyer and a seller, in many acquisition procedures.

Cees holds various positions at management level, including membership of committees of the Beroepsorganisatie voor specialisten in bedrijfsoverdracht (BOBB), collaborates with the VNO-NCW and is a member of the business practices committee of MKB Nederland, the ‘Commissie Ondernemerschapsbeleid’. Based on his firm belief in innovation, Cees is a stalwart advocate of ONL Rijnmond. He was also a visiting lecturer at the HES, the Business Administration faculty of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and a coach at Qredits micro kredieten.

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